A classic image of Diamond Head In honolulu, Hawai`i...about 100 years ago...


Here is a view of Diamond Head and Waikīkī  that may surprise you.
Where are the high-rise buildings and sunbathers you expect to see?
They'll arrive a few decades after this picture was taken...


Jeanne Burrows-Johnson, author, narrator, consultant, motivational speaker


In most of my life as a writer, narrator, consultant, and motivational speaker, I have addressed the marketing needs of individual entrepreneurs and executives serving profit and non-profit organizations. Today, my authorship embraces fiction and non-fiction projects centered on the Islands of Hawai`i where I lived for over two decades. I hope you will enjoy the enhanced information on several of my current and planned projects contained in this website...

My work as a marketing and design consultant

If you've came to this page from the ImaginingsWordpower.com website, you already know that I remain dedicated to helping individuals, executives, and entrepreneurs maximize their own abilities to communicate with the public. Regardless of the nature of your work or leisure time endeavors, I encourage you to drop in at that site to determine if there are ideas or tools that might enhance your professional or personal living. If you are looking for specific tips on authorship, I invite you to visit Blog.JeanneBurrows-Johnson.com.


An Award-Winning Series

The Natalie Seachrist Hawaiian Mysteries were launched in 2016 with the publication of Prospect for Murder. Two years later, Murder on Mokulua Drive appeared. And, in May 2019, Murders of Conveyance became the third book in the series. You will find discussions of the series and each of the books under Hawaiian Mysteries on the menu...


Earlier published work

The cover of Under Sonoran Skies Prose and Poetry from the high desert

The joy of collaborative work

 Prior to launching the exciting Hawaiian mystery series, I joined with five other Tucson authors to publish Under Sonoran Skies, Prose and Poetry from the High Desert.  This anthology of fiction and non-fiction pieces was recognized as one of the top 50 picks in 2012 by Southwest Books of the year. 

Recognized Publications

 Drawing on diverse life experiences, spanning education, engineering, ministry, law, and the performing arts, the authors present a complementary tone, style, and rhythm to their readers.  

Articles for Regional and International Publications

From healthcare issues to finance and non-profit organizational projects, I have authored and co-authored articles for publications such as The Rotarian; Broker World, and The Hawai`i Medical Journal [now the Hawai`i Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

Tucson Tales

This menu item presents readers with revised material from a series of historical articles I wrote on Tucson shortly after moving here in 1995.


A Series of Seven Hawaiian Oral History Interviews

Auntie  Caroline Kuliaikanu`ukapu Wilcox DeLima Farias  was one of the first people to greet me in Honolulu, Hawai`i,  in 1972. Alone, except for my cat, I arrived to teach classes in the performing arts.

Carol and her family welcomed me personally as well as professionally. You could not be in her presence without feeling inspired by the breath of Island living, for she was the embodiment of the Aloha Spirit. 

I had no idea that two decades later I would have the honor of helping this gracious woman capture the essence of her people in this series of seven oral history interviews. It was such an unexpected outgrowth of my graduate studies in history at the University of Hawai`i and my freelance work as a writer. Time has passed and it is my hope to bring this work to the public by 2020.

Regardless of whether you will ever visit Hawai`i, you will feel you have taken an Island holiday when you read and/or listen to her stories of her childhood on Maui and growing into womanhood on O`ahu. Oh, did I mention that she was dancing hula awana in Waikiki on the night of December 6, 1941...Even if you have not loved history in the classroom, I believe you will enjoy hearing about a lifestyle that many people heartily embrace regardless of their own cultural heritage!