The life of a writer is one of constant editing and recycling. That's certainly what this new website offers. On this page, that means a recycling of the background of the cover of Under Sonoran Skies Prose and Poetry from the High Desert...and the edits of old articles addressing the history of Tucson, Arizona! In case you've wondered about the source of this bright sunset sky, it was shot from my back lānai!

While tweaking the marketing website of Imaginings Wordpower and Design Consultation, I decided it was time to move my rotating articles on the Old Pueblo to my author website. Introduction to my  non-fiction writing begins with a look at the earliest days of Tucson...and her European style cemeteries. It may not be Halloween, but I think you'll find some surprising details in this city's history of dealing with its departed citizens...


Unfortunately the new template system I've had to utilize for designing my websites has presented several challenges. One of the most difficult aspects of this is featuring audio samples. Previously, I could simply design an eye-catching audio player button, upload MP3 files from my computer [one or more per page] and we were good to go.

Now I have to place samples I wish to share with you on my blog, and then reference them on this site. My first sample is Yuletide in Tucson 1878, which you can access from the piece [available on the drop-down menu], or by going to my blog post titled "Website Renewal." Similarly, from the page describing Under Sonoran Skies, Prose and Poetry from the High Desert, you can access audio samples featuring four of the co-authors at a blog titled "Audio Books 1."