A cool drink on a sunny afternoon or moonlit night is a grand addition to any Island gathering.  We’ve already looked at variations of sun teas.  I now present a libation for those who are able to include a bit of alcohol in their diet. The following recipe is offered by poet Bill Black of Tucson, Arizona, whose sampling of food and beverages varies as much as his taste in literature.  

This sweet "walking sipper"  is a fine accent for Lei Day, Mardi Gras, or any other special occasion, when guests may be dancing or prancing around.  Delightful though this refreshment may be, if you are fortunate enough to have a raconteur such as Bill in attendance at your event, you may find the popularity of your menu of food and drink pales in comparison.  As with all of the recipes I share, the portions of ingredients may be adapted to your taste and available supplies...For well-attended events, it pays to have a tray prepped with glasses, cocktail napkins, and any garnishes you may desire for flavor and/or appearance.  


Highball glasses  [Stemware may be substituted for those with small hands] 

1 Ice bucket filled with crushed ice 

1 Double jigger [check for quantities measured] 

1 Bar spoon  


​Fill a glass with crushed ice Pour in 2 Oz. of Dark or spiced rum Add 6 Oz. of Ginger Ale Top with a dash of Grenadine

SERVINGAdorn rim with slices of lime or Mandarin orange cut half-way through  Bill Black Jr.  and I met at a Tucson writers’ salon. His twinkling eyes, broad smile, and lilting North Carolinian drawl captivated me from our first meeting.  Although noted for his Cowboy poetry, Bill’s prose as well as poetry in multiple genres span: observations of a life well-lived; history of the Western United States [and the country itself]; his service as a first lieutenant in the Vietnam War; and, under-cover work as a postal inspector and investigator. 


Eventually, we united with four other Tucsonan authors in Under Sonoran Skies, Prose and Poetry from the High desert, one of Southwest Books of the Year’s top 50 pics in 2012. This themed anthology was eventually presented in print, audio and ebook formats and is still available at Amazon and Audible.  

Please visit Bill Black Jr.'s author page to learn about his poetic offerings, including Sea Song. Over the years Bill’s accumulation of myriad bits and pieces has led to a new project, Crazy Quilts, which will soon be published. Like some of his other works, this book will provide his humorous drawings, as well as descriptions of some of the many genres he employs in his work.  

Selfishly, I must confess I lean on Bill for more than humor and reminders of national and global history.  I’m thrilled that he is one of the founding members of my writers’ salon; I would be lost without his input on weaponry, fingerprints, boats and other vehicles, not to mention the operation of hidden locking mechanisms…​

Prospect for Murder, 
Murder on Mokulua Drive, 
Murders of Conveyance

Prospect for Murder, Murder on Mokulua Drive, Murders of Conveyance